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Beginning Student's

Vietnamese-English Electronic Dictionary

for your handheld Palm, Visor, Clie or compatible

This dictionary is specifically designed for the beginning student of the Vietnamese language:

  • It contains 5200 of the most common Vietnamese words which you will need to achieve fluency.
  • For each word, it provides a clear definition of each translation so that you understand the exact meaning of every translation.
  • It provides notes about each word including the part-of-speech and the original dialect.

It Works with:
  • Palm III, V, VII, 100, 105, 500, 505
  • Handspring Visor
  • Sony Clie
  • IBM Workpad
  • Kyocera Smartphone
  • Symbol
  • TRG
  • Epocrates
  • Franklin Covey
Works with
your favorite
Palm OS devices

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Revision 1.0 available for online purchase.

A powerful educational dictionary which you can take with you wherever you go.

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The free demo provides the first 1000 words. The full version provides 5200 words.

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Just US $24.00 US $15.95 for the software when downloaded electronically, for a limited time only.

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  • Carry your Vietnamese-English dictionary in your shirt pocket.
  • Instantly look up 5200 of the most common and useful Vietnamese words.
  • Get a clear concise translation of each one.

look-up Vietnamese
 Write a Vietnamese word using Graffiti and the dictionary takes you to the translation of the word in English.

 Write an English word using Graffiti and the dictionary takes you to the translation of the word in Vietnamese.
look-up English

search for Vietnamese
 Use the powerful exhaustive search to find every occurence of your Vietnamese or English word in the dictionary.
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detail view
 Tap on any line in the dictionary to see the complete entry.
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System Requirements

This Vietnamese-English dictionary requires the following:

  • A handheld computer running the Palm OS 2.0 or later. (Palm, Visor, Clie, etc.)
  • 500k of available memory
  • A desktop or laptop computer capable of transferring software to the handheld computer

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