First Thousand Vietnamese Words for Students

Common Questions

Will you support Macintosh, Linux or Windows CE in the future?

Here are screenshots of dictionaries in development for Macintosh and Linux. Please send us email to let us know if you are interested in one of those operating systems or some other operating system. If you are interested in a particular operating system, please include the brand and model of computer and the name and version of the operating system which interests you.

Once I learn these thousand words, how can I get more words for this software?

If you like, you can upgrade to VietAnh, our Vietnamese Dictionary for Windows. It is just as simple to learn and as simple to use as Viet1000. The larger word list in VietAnh allows you to read and understand much more.

How do I type Vietnamese characters?

The instructions are available in the help file which accompanies the software.  First click on the Vietnamese tab and then click on the text entry area.  Then, to write Vietnamese characters, you will type a vowel followed by one or more numeric digits. These vowel-and-number sequences are used to produce most of the Vietnamese characters. Other characters are created by using double letters such as "aa", "oo", "uu", "dd", possibly followed by numeric digits.  See the help file for more information.

Does Windows display Vietnamese characters?

Yes. Look closely at these screen shots to see the Vietnamese font.

Please send additional questions to us by email.

Thank you.

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