Vietnamese Fonts on Windows

Use these instructions to begin typing in Vietnamese on Windows.

These instructions will help you to type Vietnamese characters on Windows XP and later. All the fonts you need are already installed in Windows XP. You simply need to add a Vietnamese character input method as described below.

To write in Vietnamese on a Windows XP computer, follow these instructions:

Go to (Vietnamese Professional Society) and click on "English Version". Then click on "Software".

Download "VPSKeys". VPSKeys is a very useful program and it is completely free. It can be configured for many different encodings and key layouts. The only disadvantage is that the installation software is only available in Vietnamese. But you can follow the directions below if you are not fluent in Vietnamese.

Install VPSKeys. If you cannot read Vietnamese, simply click "OK" on every prompt during the installation.

Start VPSKeys and it will appear in the lower right next to the Windows clock as a small icon of a map of Vietnam. Click on the icon and you will see this window:

VPS main tab

Click on the "Kỹ Thuật" tab to see the window below. Be sure the first selection says ":Unicode" as shown below. Unicode is the most modern and most widely used encoding. VPS will also support older encodings such as VPS and VISCII but those are now obsolete.

VPS key map

Now open any word processor. Even Notepad will work. You will use your word processor to test the Vietnamese font. If your word processor has a spelling checker or grammar checker, you might need to turn those features off so they don't try to change your Vietnamese words into English words.

The method of typing is as follows. Type a vowel then type one of the digits 1-6 to add the corresponding tone mark to the vowel. The default key mapping is shown below. You can map other keys if you don't like this set of choices:

 /   \   ?   ~   .   ^ 
 1   2   3   4   5   6 

For example, the sequence "a-4" will construct the character ã. Also the sequence "a-6-1" will construct the character ấ.

For non-English characters such as ă, đ, ơ, and ư, simply type the most-similar English character twice:

 aa=> ă 
 dd=> đ 
 oo=> ơ 
 uu=> ư 

To stop typing in Vietnamese for a single character, use the space and backspace keys. For example "a-space-backspace-2" will write "a2" instead of "à". As another example, "b-o-space-backspace-o-k" will spell the word "book" instead of "bơk".

To stop typing in Vietnamese for a short time, hit "Alt-Shift". To resume typing in Vietnamese, hit "Alt-Shift" a second time.

To stop typing in Vietnamese completely, bring up the VPSKeys window and select "Ngừng" which means "Stop".

To read the English User's Manual and learn about additional features in VPSKeys, click here: