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Vietnamese Tutorial
VietAnh Vietnamese-English Dictionary
First Thousand Vietnamese Words for Students
A Little Vietnamese
Language Tutorial
VietAnh Vietnamese-English Dictionary
First Thousand Vietnamese Words for Students
Vietnamese language tutorial for your desktop PC or laptop.
Vietnamese-English dictionary for your desktop PC or laptop
Student's vocabulary list for your desktop PC or laptop
Vietnamese schools around the world Vietnamese Dictionary for Palm First Thousand Words for Palm
Vietnamese Schools Around the World VietAnh Vietnamese-English Dictionary First Thousand Vietnamese Words for Students
A list of schools which teach the Vietnamese language. Vietnamese-English dictionary for your handheld Palm or Visor. Student's vocabulary list for your handheld Palm or Visor.

New Products new

New Vietnamese software for Macintosh OS X 10.3 and Red Hat Linux 8.0.


Take a look at our bookshop of educational Vietnamese books.

Links to Vietnamese sites

Here are some great links to sites with information about the Vietnamese language and culture.

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Here are some of the things you can do with A Little Vietnamese (TM) language tutorial and VietAnh Vietnamese-English Dictionary:
  • Use your multimedia computer to learn the Vietnamese language.
  • Associate pictures with spoken and written words to speak correctly as soon as possible.
  • Learn with a full-featured language tutorial which will help you know Vietnamese.
  • Use recorded and translated conversations, lessons covering grammar, pronunciation, and usage, an audio dictionary, vocabulary word games suitable for any age, audiovisual flash cards, number drills, spelling drills, etc.
  • Purchase all this with a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Study lessons on pronunciation, grammar and usage in dozens of topics.
  • Match pictures to written words or spoken words in 75 categories
  • Use the speaking electronic dictionary to translate English to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to English. Listen to the correct pronunciation of every word in the tutorial's dictionary
  • Use over 1000 flash cards to build your vocabulary, pronunciation and word recognition. Configure the flash cards to see pictures and hear words or see pictures and read words.
  • Study Vietnamese by listening to recorded and translated conversations. Click on an envelope to get a translation of any phrase. Click on a speaker symbol to hear the proper pronunciation.
  • Practice using vocabulary words from 75 topic categories.
  • Try math games to improve your ability to listen to numbers and think in Vietnamese. Read the question or hear the question and then give your answer.
  • Configure the games and exercises so that you learn the way you learn best: by listening, seeing or reading.

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